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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 31, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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critical condition -- in lone survivor remains in critical condition. >> this is a difficult investigation. we're doing everything we can to find those responsible. >> my whole family is dead. >> reporter: after the frantic 911 call, they ended up arresting heinz for suspicion of tampering with evidence, lying to police, and illegal possession of drugs. officers are not calling him a suspect, but they also aren't ruling him out. the neighborhood is on edge. fearful those responsible are still on the loose. >> and they are very nervous until this killer or killers, they are located. >> police are not discussing motives. they hope that a $25,000 reward will help them get some answers. joel proupb, cbs news. >> investigators in california, they are now trying to determine whether phillip garrido might be linked to several unsolved murders. garrido and his wife pleaded
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not guilty to kidnapping an 11-year-old girl 18 years ago. jaycee lee dugard who is now 29 is the mother of two daughters allegedly fathered by garrido. they are investigating if garrido was involved in slaying of several prostitutes back in the 1990s. >> back here at home, lots of dc special education students missed their buses this morning and a new computer glitch is being to blame. the school bus system in the country just for special ed students. bruce johnson has been working the story and here is his exclusive report. >> reporter: hundreds of school buses ruled out twice anita brikman day to deliver and -- twice a day to deliver more than 4,000 students. >> un. if gnatly, that has -- unfortunately, that was not routed. >> reporter: calling parents to apologize for the dozen of special ed students who missed  their buses. the buses never arrived.
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>> we have left some kid unrouted as a result at home, not on street corners, but at home. >> special education transport education director plans to a glitch in a new computer system. routes were changed and some students names and addresses were kicked out by the new system. >> we talked to a d.c. foster parent saying they have three special education students who are dependent upon the buses. one of them blind. none were picked up today. >> and we bought what we think is a much better system than the one that we had. but we never thought we should have implemented that as late in the last school year as we did. >> officials hope to have the problem fixed later today. it's a massive and very expensive proposition to get the city's special education students to class and back. the buses travel a total 42,000 miles, every day. and that's because the students are attending classes as far away as baltimore to the the north. and that is the counties for the south. >> no ma'am, they are still working on it though. that should be about it.
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>> hopefully they will see some tomorrow. that will p a fallback then. >> and hall of those students are being bussed to expensive private schools. costing them some $100,000 each time with a pus with a driver and a nurse rolled out. in some cases, those buses have single students on board. let's talk about how those costs can be brought down. >> the confers they have been having for years. part of the problem you keep those students in the district. build new classrooms. but we're talking about $84 million per year that they are spending to transport these special education students. and again anita and leslie, they have been talking about this for years. decades. >> wow, thank you. well, the families of two women hit and drag on a silver springs street onaysard tu. and they are appealing fo. lphe thwith lpe search of a hit-and- run driver. scott broom is live with new developments in the case. scott? >> reporter: when you understand these new developments, it's a
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miracle that these ladies survived. they are badly hurt. a couple of housekeeperring walking back to -- housekeepers walking back to their car in silver spring when they were hit and dragged. police say that there is no way the driver didn't know what happened. >> reporter: the 22-year-old maria and 2-year-old roosevelt. struck while walking in this crosswalk at the interaction of capitol view in silver springs at 10 a.m. on saturday. and she was dragged 83 feet. dragged 113 feet over here. today through an interpreter, they appeal for the hit-and-run driver to contact police and put an end to the mystery. >> my family would like to send a he is san to this individual -- my family would like to send a message to this individual to face their responsibility. >> we can't believe that the person didn't know that he or she struck these two women. and from all indications, it
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appears they were in the crosswalk when they were strucked. >> the grill of the toyota four runner suv. model year 1998 to 2000. witnesses said it was black or dark colored. the street here is a dangerous one for pedestrians. no sidewalks, but a lot of walkers coming to bus stops. >> they don't have sidewalks, and it is very difficult to walk. >> reporter: they plan to build walkways near the bus stops and improve that for others, but it appears too late for both these women. >> reporter: they are still hospitalized this afternoon with serious injuries. in one case, one of the ladies is going into surgery lathe on this evening. the price they paid for using a crosswalk here in montgomery county in broad daylight. reporting live from montgomery county police headquarters, scott broom, 9news now and >> all right, scott. they flew over a townhouse fire this morning. the flames broke out around 7. and the 100 block of victoria
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square. one person taken to the hospital with no words yet on what caused that fire. >> the six grade girls have until this friday to either get to the vaccines or turn into a form saying that they are opting out. officials say that girls who don't do either will be held out of class. they are the first in the nation to encourage six grade girls to get vaccinated for the sexually transmitted cervical cancer-causing virus. now in virginia, they are being asked to bring in documentations if they got the vaccines. if they don't, they will show that they did not get that shot for their daughters. no problem to report on their first day back-to-school students in montgomery and howard county. as they report, therthe was a p rally-like atmosphere at one local high school. >> it is the first day of school for about 1800 students here at the high school. now about 400 of those students are starting their senior year.
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this morning, they made a loud and spiritual entrance into the school. they lead the way for them as they marched up to their first day of senior year on monday morning. >> it's weird being out there. other than that, it'll be fun. >> that is a little scary for them. and you know, stuff like that and the school days, they don't want to go through it. >> most seniors say that their big worry is where to go to college. for many parents and teachers, their top concern is the h1n1 flu virus. still, the superintendent of montgomery county public school says that the district is well prepared. >> well, we know what and how to clean up. we know how to work together and communicate with all of our parents. >> another challenge that is facing montgomery county public school at the start of the school year is budget cuts. employees have given up $90 million worth of wages and they still needed to cut some
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services. >> what we didn't cut back is what's happening in the classrooms. we didn't cut back on our expectations. we didn't cut the class size. and we did everything that we could to preserve it. hopefully things will get better so we don't have to cut there. >> reporter: now, the high school is just one of the schools that opened up this morning. in montgomery county that is. in total, 200 schools in the montgomery county school systems opened their doors to students this morning. in the meantime, more than 400 prince george's county students still experiencing scheduling problems at the start of the school this morning. and that is down from the 8,000 high schoolers who either had no class schedules or partial schedules last monday. the problems are now limitedded to these areas. officials say glitches in the new computer system are to blame. >> the washington examiner estimates the number of area kids are skipping schools in
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the thousands. and they are taking steps to stop it. in the county, school officials have a new policy where they notified the parents by phone and e-mail about each skipped class. and prince george's county officials are asking any of them to show that child to report it to police. montgomery county, they are using a computer warning list allowing schools to target at-risk kids before they reach human status. rew, do you ev rtrepo kids wh o you ow knskipped school? chat abouiton tkphraupb moms like by clicking on the discussions tab. the d.c. luxury area out here opened their doors to customers today for the first time in more than two years. officials hoped that the high-end amenities are not lost known to the public looking to save money in the mist of the recession. jefferson executives say that bookings are on base with the projections that were made before the economic downturn. >> all right, it is mickey mouse meets spider man. requiring the entertainment and it is 5,000 comic book
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characters for $4 billion. disney also acquires the movie franchises such as spider man, ironman, x-men and others, if approved, the marvel shareholders would receive $30 per share as well as disney stock. new developments tonight in delaware's effort to legalize sports gambling. a federal appeals court said that betting could be allowed in the state only with them on the nfl games. that would involve the multiple wagers on at least three or more nfl league contests. the court rejected their plan to offer legalized gambling on all pro and khrepbg game -- college games. it feels like the first day of fall today for the first day of schools for many kids. top out your forecast here with topper. >> a few clouds today. some showers in southern maryland. all in all, temperaturewise a bargain. a month ahead of schedule, actually. fayo's your forecast first. erevne will clear out, becoming cleerleto partly cloudy,
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quite cool. low 50s in the suburbs and low 6seven downtown --60 s s en . ev the 70re in s.d thanis is ouatt at72 at nd are 75anhend as you go down here on 95 south. that's a good and ctururan edrar . . mbin a lot t ofofshowers across out here and parts like these counties. that's what i was iessrrwod abor being up here today, r e metro area we kind of missed it with the clouds. it was very comfortable. we'll come back and talk about even more spectacular weather ahead and a look ahead to the holiday weekend arcoming up. >> all right topper. three boaters are back on solid ground after being stranded in sea for over a week. their incredible story just ahead. firefighters are battling raging flames and scorching temperatures across california. the wildfires are deadly and destructive. the latest we all have confidence
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again, the week heading down, finishing down 47 points to close at 94.96. nasdaq fell 19 points, and the s&p 500 lost eight for the day. thousands of firefighters are back on the front lines struggling to control the wildfires that now threaten thousands of homes. teri okita has the latest from california. >> reporter: massive wildfires are devouring california from los angeles to sacramento. the largest is closing in on the vital communications center for the l.a. area.
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threatingenning more than -- threatening more than 20 tv centers and about 12,000 homes. >> we've got a lot of smoke and flame, flames again one mile of the transmission towers on top of mount wilson. >> reporter: two feoffments died when their -- firefighters died when their vehicle went off the road. flames have chased thousands from their homes. >> the worst part is the waiting part that you don't know if it's going to burn your house or not. >> reporter: the tippography proved especially challenging for firefighters in these rugged fires. they did not burn in almost 60 years. >> the fire storm was just like a tornado of flames and embers. >> reporter: about 30 miles from l.a., they decided to stay and protect their properties. he saved his home, but lost just about everything else. >> i expected it to be bad, but it was 10 times what i expected. >> reporter: he says it was a life-changing experience. one he survived with the help of firefighters, who risked their lives to save his property. but with so many fires still
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raging. >> wow. >> the destruction is far from over. teri okita, cbs news, california. just how can a small fire spread so quickly and turn into a massive wildfire? as the smoke and heat rises, both cover the sky for miles. that rising air creates a void below, all the way to the ground. fire burns, fresh air rushes in, bringing even more oxygen to fuel the flames. that's when the gail forced winds pick up and in turn, spread those flames. well, once given up for dead, three texas fishermen are alive and well with a story to tell tonight. they spent eight days stranded in the gulf of mexico that is, atop their capsized boat. and the coast guard, they called off the search for the men after a week. and they were then served by a car dealer on saturday, who spotted them while fish. the fisherman survived by rushing crackers and drinking
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water from the tank usually reserved for washing that off the boat. when i turned the nozzle, it was fresh out there. we had fresh water, 31 gallons of water, so i knew that we could last a long time. >> reporter: after about four days, the fishermen say they did begin to hallucinate and first thought that their rescue wasn't real. >> wow. that is pretty unbelievable. >> that is very lucky. >> especially after they stopped looking. >> yeah. well today, i mean, it wasn't great because we had clouds and we did shower in some of the viewing areas. >> you hold it in the 70s in late august and that is a pretty good deal. actually we're in pretty good shape for the next few days. they won't go up. nothing crazy in terms of the hot weather for the next several days. really a nice stretch. here is your forecast. the next three days.
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sunshine tomorrow. just spectacular. and beautiful on wednesday. 80 and even thursday will be pretty nice. partly cloudy, high temperatures about 81 on thursday. so still below the average of about 80 to 84. getting off easy. becoming clear to partly cloudy tonight. quite cool. low 50s in the suburbs. low 50s downtown. winds are northeasterly at about 5 to 10. the lows across the metro area inside the beltway, well, 55 for rockville and out here, 55 in silver spring. so you know, most folks in the 50s tonight. downtown, they will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. probably about 62 out here. but 56 out here in tyson and fairfax at 53. sunny and cool. beautiful, 50s and 60s. winds are northeast at ten. mostly sunny and just spectacular. high temperature in the upper 70s and the winds are light and northeasterly at about ten. -r tomorrow is september 1. that's the beginning of the fall. some pride out there. so we're going to feel a little
5:18 pm
bit like fall tomorrow. satellite picture, radar combined. you can notice them hugging the coast. why they were so pessimistic here today, because i thought boy, this is just 60 miles further west and we're in trouble. in the immediate metro care, we're okay. in this county and -- in the immediate metro county, we're okay. in this county, they were all good. that is a miserable day at the beach. the cloud line is starting to shrink now, pushing off to the east. each sky will become a huge to partly cloudy time in a nice evening ahead. their own forecast, on their website on and check out the power cast. 76 in wind chester, 76 at leesburg. 77 out here and upper 70s for woodbridge. a small craft advisory for parts of the bay for most of tuesday from the 2 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow. and you'll probably stay below 80 tomorrow, they
5:19 pm
probably won't though on wednesday. 76 out here. next seven days. spectacular out there for them and on wednesday around 80. then 81 on thursday. and friday, not high out there for them. and some showers around, mid-70s in the holiday weekend. not a disaster just yet. but they unsettled. saturday we're okay, partly cloudy to 81. maybe a shower to 83. a shower out there to do some stuff. and now labor day, it looks like we'll be the low 80s with some showers and tomorrow thunderstorms -- and thunderstorms. >> change is coming. >> yes. the university of maryland has a new mandate. >> that's right. for the first time ever. all freshman are required to have health insurance coverage when they come to class. find out how it works when 9news now returns. now returns.
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it is a simple tip to save some money and more money. you can find more tips here on just click on living green. >> they are back in washington returning to the white house yesterday after a week out there in martha's vineyard. and he played a round of golf today at the country club in arlington. the first family plans to get out of town on wednesday for aing long weekend at camp david. >> for the first time ever, incoming freshman at the university of maryland, they must have health insurance. >> it's one of a growing numbers of the nations colleges where having medical coverage is now a must. they repeat themselves out here.
5:24 pm
>> i brought a big container and i plan on using it. >> reporter: the clinical director of the school's health center says without coverage, students can suffer academically. >> it can affect their ability to stay in school and their ability to the fact that they might have to go to work to pay off their medical bill. >> reporter: historically, lee says, one in 15umd students have been uninsured. and now if the freshmans don't prove that they have health insurance, the university automatically puts them on their student plan. >> it covers a lot of the things we think is important for students for example, covering immunizations, covering them if they are a study abroad students. >> reporter: for previously uninsured students, it's an added cost about $100 per month, increasing in state tuition and fees by 8%. but it's a bargain alternative
5:25 pm
to keeping their freshman daughter on the family's out of state insurance. >> why the student plan for melissa? >> we were able to save probably about $400 a month by putting her on a separate plan. >> and that is a lot of money. that is them reporting, the area colleges and the universities, that are preparing for the possible outbreak of that this fall at the university of kwraápbt, students are getting a crash course on hygiene, the moment they arrive on campus. >> well, we want students not to attend the class if they are feeling ill. and we have asked them to, well, you know, prepare the food kits for themselves so they could have some nourishments and fluids and fever medications. and in their own residences. >> other schools, they are handing out hand sanitizers and taking them out there to try to keep the germs from spreading. the campus of the university of maryland, where a 20-year- old student, jumped or fell off on to the upper floors of this
5:26 pm
parking garage. that story coming up. the family of the montgomery county man killed by a falling tree branch while riding a motorbike is now suing them for $6 million. i'll have that story coming up. this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects.
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let's reset some soft top story -- some ofe thtop stories in the news right now. they are living in fear, following a mass murder. that is eight people who were killed. as the result of the attack this weekend starting in the town of unswick, a frantic e icswa ll frantic calling says come k,ic myk,whole family is dead. the families of two women who were hit by a toyota four runner and dragged for more than 80 feet are appealing to the public for help. this all happened on saturday morning on capitol avenue and silver spring. the women survived, the driver fled the scene. a computer glitch is being problemmed for the special education buses to miss picking them up. the buses failed to show up. the district operates the only school bus system in the nation just for special needs
5:30 pm
children. >> it is not a hazard that most people on a motorcycle think about. but the family of the n ki lled by a while ile ke on wested or ltimore road is insu meg gontry county r fogo negligence. here is audrey barns with more. >> reporter: john cannon has been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years. >> just a little more tune in nature. >> reporter: the biggest fears are cars and gravel on the road. he never thought much about tree limbs until he heard what happened to the 48-year-old, jones in july of last year. he was struck on the head by this 19 foot tree limb as he road down wested old baltimore road. and he never recovered. >> that's like, well, dropping something on your head that weighs several hundred pounds. finally coming to his injuries, he leaves behind four children ages 15 to 27. >> his family is suing montgomery county for $6 million. and they feel that the county's negligence and the
5:31 pm
lack of tree maintenance cost jones his life. >> the county, they have a responsibility to safeguard and make sure that the county residence are safe when they are driving along the county roads. and they didn't do that in this case. >> reporter: many of the trees along this stretch of the baltimore road where jones was injured are clearly dead. and the family's legal team says that there is evidence that the county knew about it. >> people complained that the trees were dead and tipping over. >> reporter: cannon said that he's glad for the heads up about the trees, but he won't stop riding there. >> if you worry about every little accident, you would never get out of bed in the morning. is >> reporter: they say that it is too early to talk about the particulars of the case. but she did have u one comment about the police report. jones, they were not wearing a helmet. audrey barns, 9news now, wusa ápldcom. although that the family is suing for $6 million, they cannot get that amount of money if they win. that's because the county's liability is limited to $500,000.
5:32 pm
investigators, they are trying to determine whether speed or alcohol was involved in a deadly boating accident in maryland. and the 47-year-old, ricky hinson was killed on sunday evening when his boat collided with another vessel out there near here. the 42-year-old man, and his 13-year-old daughter in the other boat were not seriously injured. >> today is the first day of the new school year at the university of maryland as we have been saying. already, an unusual incident has people looking for answers. for and a 20-year-old student apparently fell off the forth floor of the campus parking garage early sunday morning. the digital correspondent, they have our followup report. >> reporter: the university of maryland police say that they are checking videos from the large parking garage from the wetlands on the campus of the south side. hoping it gives them a better insight as to exactly what happened here on tuesday sunday morning. >> it's prettied wild. >> news getting around campus that the unidentified student apparently fell from the forth floor of the garage, landing on the ground below. >> it's very scary.
5:33 pm
i cannot believe she survived. >> the most common reaction about this 40 foot fall. >> i heard you survived. >> the campus newspaper, they reported that someone nearby, they heard a young woman scream and then heard a thump. >> i guess it couldn't be stressed, right? and it started yet? i mean, that's probably an accident. >> that's pretty darn stupid. i mean, i could be a little more light about it because he's alive. but that's pretty dumb. >> was he drunk, was he drinking? because i figured, how could he fall that many stories? >> reporter: police say that it is too early to tell if alcohol was involved. 9news now and once again, police say that the young man's injuries are not life threatening after that fall. and the prospects, they will receive more protection at the plate next season. minor league players, they will wear the batting helmets to withstand the pitches from 100 miles an hour. providing six of the sturdy helmets to the proteins this year. but many major leaguers, they complain that they are just too bulky and uncomfortable.
5:34 pm
well, august is now the deadliest month for the u.s. forces during the entire eight year war in afghanistan. right now, more than 60,000 u.s. troops are in the country. and as they report, it's all part of president obama's effort to combat the resurgeons. >> august of 2009, that is the deadliest month yet for the u.s. forces in afghanistan. a record 46 soldiers died this month, including an american soldier who was killed friday by a roadside bomb. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are in afghanistan, battling the taliban. the top u.s. military officer admits that the situation is deteriorating. >> the taliban and the insurgency has gotten better more sophisticated, their tactics, just in my recent visits out there in talking to our troops, certainly indicating that. >> the military, they will give a better recessments in the coming weeks. not clear whether more troops will be requested. but what is clear is that the dwindling public support of the nearly eight year war. a recent washington post, abc
5:35 pm
news poll, showing more than half of americans say that the battle is not worth fighting for. and president obama, they had hoped that recent afghanistan elections would indicate some progress in the country, but it has been more than a week since boaters were -- voters were headed to the poll and still no clear cut winner. they must win 51% of the votes to avoid a run-off election. and he currently leads the race. but the top competitor is claiming fraud. >> i don't trust them. >> reporter: so far, there are nearly 700 major fraud complaints. the fear now is that the longer it takes to investigate each case, the more time it'll be until afghanistan sees a new possibility more stable government. cbs news, washington. a little more crowded on the international space station these days, which now has a total of 13 people on board. and the nasa congratulated the commander of the shuttle discovery today as they docked with the orbiter. the shuttle crew is dropping
5:36 pm
off thousands of pounds of equipment including a treadmill. and that is the same for them and the comedian. disrecovery will spend more than a week out there. the cbs evening news is, here we go, less than an hour away. and harry smith is in for anchor katie couric, joining us live with a preview, harry, are you there? >> reporter: yeah, i'm here. we're here live in color. i'll tell you what, busy around here tonight. a cbs news exclusive. evidence in the afghan government, they are trying to free an allege roadside bomber. the number of i.d. attacks have gone off the charts in the last couple of months. the blast killed an american soldier and or our colleague from cbs radio news. injured her desperately. meanwhile, the top u.s. commander there calls for more cooperation with local forces. plus four years after hurricane katrina and rita people are still living in fema trailers.
5:37 pm
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and to get you started, we've got the scoop on some really good coffee makers. >> reporter: every coffee maker promises a pleasing cup of joe. not everyone delivers. consumer reports divide cash to measure brewing temperatures to get a good cup. that needs to be between 195
5:40 pm
and 205 degrees. they found that not all coffee makers get hot enough to extract the best from the beans and avoid a week or bitter pew. >> we found during the new brewing test that many coffee makers, even costing more than $100 didn't perform nearly as will as others costing half that price. in all, consumer reports, they tested 34 coffee makers and found one of the most convenient models that reaches that attempt is the michael fray 12 cup coffee maker available at target and sells for $40,000. the program that features really nice features, allowing the coffee maker to start up in the morning so that you have coffee when you get up. >> the pod machines let you drop in that coffee with no grinding, no scooping, no mess. t-rz testers found that pricey, $.25 p per cup -- 25 cents per cup. take a look at this take two.
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they cost just $25, and brewed a superb cup of coffee quickly. >> whichever coffee maker you choose, create that paper fill for a permanent metal one that costs between $5 and $10. and it'll pay for itself in as little as a year. we want to hear what you're doing in this new economy. e-mail us on living smart. and for more consumer news tkpworbgs to our website on and click on living smart. on the anniversary of the death of princess diana, looking at how buckingham palace might be preparing her in a role for the family. in london, we'll have the story for you coming up. i'm sarah walsh at redskins park. he didn't have the the best game against tom brady, but you might be surprised to hear how he's handling being told he was torched. that story ahead. a very nice evening.
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looking at thousands. moving out. a little bit of a break today. moderate rain. winds are low. and they are still hanging on as well. and you can access this. two to, click on the weather tab, and then follow that drop down menu to the updates. we'll update the forecast in the weekend after this. stay tuned. fa
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only 12% of american moms breast-feed their babies for six months. to workplaces node to be force -- need to be forced to make it easeerer? find out how support that on >> reporter: it was 12 years ago today, princess diana died in a paris car crash. more than a decade later, her legacy lives on and even as royal watchers say a 27-year- old named kate is being groomed to become britain's next princess. >> reporter: when princess
5:46 pm
diana died 12 years ago, it was hard to imagine anybody could compare to the woman known as the people's princess. but now, her son'sing long-time girlfriend, kate middleton is reportedly being groomed to follow in the late princess' footsteps to royalties. >> i don't think that she'll have the shock that diana did when she went straight into the royal family. >> reporter: people here in buckleham palace are teaching middleton how to be a princess, learning things to meet the proper ways of the heads of states, greet guests at social events, and also how to handle the paparazzi. the critics wonder if the 27-year-old middleton is too common to carry off the royal role. >> if they get married, kate middleton, middle class, she's going to be the queen of england one day. >> reporter: royal rumors are buzz -l he might -- buzzing he might be getting ready to pop
5:47 pm
the question at an exclusive island resort. >> at the moment, the summer of 2010 and 2011, it's clear. so now either could be potential dates for weddings. >> reporter: the country and the world might be ready for a new princess, but the royal family seems determined to make sure that princess will be ready for the world. cbs news. in other celebrity news, madona in israel. beginning her week long visit by touring the ancient tunnels in the old city. the western wall is one of the holliest -- holiest shrines of the jewish people. she's not jewish, but a follower of them. the concert in israel this week and that will be the first time doing that since 1993. and she'll also meet with israeli prime minister out there on friday. >> cbs combs two of the top awards at last night's emmy awards in l.a. for the first
5:48 pm
time in 22 years, the bold and the beautiful won the top drama series for them and the young and the restless. the guiding light, also earning one of their last trophies before they sign off after getting 72 years on the air. and jeff bran son who plays -- branson who plays them tied for the supporting actor. more than 30 past and present guiding light luminaries were on hand for a special tribute out there introduced by the actress, betty white. >> 9news now at six, about 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. and they were nearly killed by the roadside bomb earlier tonight. we're learning the cbs news correspondent out there and they are coming back to the united states. all right, so you need a new washer and a drier? but you don't have enough cash? the redskins idea. we'll tell you more in tonight's living smart focus. and rat music artist and mobile jay-z, making the responders, coming up tonight
5:49 pm
at six. certainly felt like september today. the kids were actually asking for a jacket on the way to the bus. and really, a preview of fall. about 10 degrees below average. it's nice. it's nice as today was. tomorrow will be more. here is your forecast first. the next three days, sunshine tomorrow. 78. sunshine on wednesday, only 80. we're talking about low humidity. even on thursday, well, partly cloudy. yeah, a few more clouds. still pretty nice. temperatures there about 81. so for tonight, all the clouds will clear out. becoming clear to partly cloudy. quite cool. low 50s in the suburbs. even downtown, low 60s. winds out of the northeast at about 5 to 10. temperatures right now, they are great. i mean, low 70s in dc. 71 by the bay. highest reading on the map, 75. we don't pay attention to that because that is incorrect. but 75 out here and 73 in wind chester. and generally, low to mid-70s across the board.
5:50 pm
tomorrow morning, mostly sunny. a school start for them. 50s and 60s. winds are northeasterly. by the afternoon, mostly sunny and spectacular. high in the upper 70s. winds are light east out here with low humidity. doesn't get much better than that. here's the satellite picture. you can see all the clouds and the showers are finally pushing away. a his really -- miserable day out here and in northern sections out here. finally seeing that pushing through and drier air to move in the next 12 hours. a lot of sunshine out to the west. 76 at wind chester. upper 70s out here. woodbridge, pure sunshine and 78 out here. downtown, i think we'll be in the upper 70s. 78 or 79. and a little cooler by the bay. there are some small craft advisories for parts of the bay from 2 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow. because that northeast wind. down to the south, out here, sunny and 78. all right, next seven days. upper 70s tomorrow.
5:51 pm
beautiful. 80 on wednesday. beautiful. even on thursday, pretty nice. partly cloudy as 81. some showers, a rain possible on friday. and they are cool. mid-70s. in the weekend, it looks okay. a bit unsettled. it looks like it will be dry on saturday. a few showers on sunday. a few storms out there on labor day. but not bad. low 80s. >> all right. sounds good. all right, sot redskins, they won, but then they gave up big passes to tom brady. >> yeah, you know, they gave up the big passes. that's fine. tom brady has done that to better teams than ours. we've given a guy who has had some thoughts with them. and they gave that up. signing a big fat contract this winter to essentially do one thing. break up the big passes from the other guys and maybe intercept one every once in a while. when they get beat like they did on friday night. you might think that he'sing angry or embarrassed or maybe both. but as they report, well, that's just not true for them. >> reporter: this offseason, they signed him to a six-year
5:52 pm
$54 million deal. but on friday, it was randy moss who was money against the redskins cornerback. >> we would like to, you know, dominate those guys more. i thought it was a great throw and a great catch. you throw that an inch higher or to the left or to the right and you know the difference is every single time. >> the outspoken coroner has no problem hearing their own criticism. >> they reportedly had that out here. you're not used to getting torched like that, how do you feel? well, you know, we played a lot of the role coverage and they didn't catch that. >> often described as a shut down corner. but no matter the inevitable mistake, you know, he can also be called, accountable. >> no way that they could catch that touchdown. i'm going to say, that was maine that was carlos. you know, they are on the sidelines. that's number three. >> they are entering their sixth season in the league. and they feel like they are in the prime, already thinking about what the future holds once that football is finished. tkpwhr you take a career on media when you're done playing?
5:53 pm
>> yeah. the best team in the country right here. >> paul, they may have to lower their asking price, just a bit to break into this business. and at redskins park, 9news now and just a big six years, 54 millions. i've got some bad news for you. the tv business, they don't work that way. >> no. >> so now, stay on the field as long as you can. but he's a very true young man. some problems earlier in his career. in oakland that is. and in atlanta. that he did not get along with some people. and he has been nothing but gold since coming here. guys in the locker room, a quality teammate and we're going to look at him and judge him as you find them which has been, well, quality so far. >> coming up, words of warnings for the casual smokers. even a few cigarettes can do that to your heart. don't forget,, they are always on. stay with us, tonight's living well segment with anita that is coming up next. b@
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
that is the harvards smoke just fine. >> and well, guys, they need to be out there. >> but a new study has a warning for even light smokers. the american heart association, they say that even three cigarettes a day, that is too many for them to increase the risk of dying from heart disease. and that is by 64%.
5:58 pm
and that is the statistics for them. >> the reason that smoke is to dangerous to the heart because theydecrease hdl or a odthgo cholesterol. god they also incr sehe t blood pressures for them and that they could strict for them and by more than a million adults to reach these conclusions? >> for those of you out there who smoke a pack or more a day are 100% increase risks for them. and they say to a lesser degree, breathing in second-hand smoke, they also hurt the heart. if you quick smoking, you're not only going to help yourself, but all to those who are around you. >> and something that this dad really wants to do. >> i need to stop smoking cigarettes. i don't want to be around it. i want to enjoy my kids when they are older. and now, another study out today. in the american heart association for them and the journal circulations. they are finding out there on days when there's a lot of carbon monoxide for them in the air that seems to trigger more hospitals for them in elderly people. now the secondhand smoke could
5:59 pm
also be tough with people on heart disease. more health news for them on we'll have another quick look at the weather forecast. take it away, a lot of kids are going back to school and a little cooler temperatures greeting them. >> look at the seven-day forecast. it won't be bad at all. upper 70s tomorrow. a beautiful day. today was nice, tomorrow will be better. now we're looking at temperatures around 80 on wednesday and sunshine and dry. now, toy have showers in on friday. you know, we'll see where they end up if they materialize. it will be in the mid-70s. and then holiday weekend coming up, a big holiday weekend. kind of the traditional last weekend of the summer. we're looking at temperatures around, you know, low 80s, maybe some showers and thunderstorms. and we'll also show you the hurricane in the pacific that might help the fires. >> thank you. the first local station with news and high definition. it had is 9news now. good evening, i'm


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